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Why choose me?


If you’ve looked through my website and this is the last page you’ve visited, you might be wondering if what I’m charging is worth the price. Please let me explain my process and why your investment in my time, talent and product are of great value.

-For each hour of photography, I spend between 4-6 hours (often more) re-touching, color-correcting, etc. I comb through all of the images I take for the perfect ones, and only deliver the very best.

-I like you for you. As I stated above, I spend a lot of time touching up images, but I don’t make people look like someone they’re not. I’m not going to “make you tanner” or “take off a few pounds”, but I will correct some of those stubborn blemishes, make the light look a bit more natural, and smooth out flaws. If you’re still reading this, and haven’t seen my work, please go do so, but I will assume you’ve seen it, loved it, and want to know how you can get some spectacular images as well.

-I use professional photography equipment, including my camera (Canon), lenses, and lighting. Yes, I use professional equipment, but anyone can pick up a DSLR and call themselves a photographer. The camera is only as good as the person holding it, and it’s the subject matter that inspires me and my art.

-Your session will be unique. If your session is in the studio, I try to have new backdrops and props on hand. Most often times your 50% deposit will go towards something new/exciting for your session (this is mostly why I charge a deposit).

-My print products are of the highest quality. I utilize a printer that only professional photographers are able to utilize. It’s serious business, but I want only the best for myself, and for you.

-Print or digital credit is included with each package. I purposefully don’t include digital images, or a CD, with most of my packages. It makes me sad to think that beautiful pictures only exist on a CD or in a digital format, and never get printed and displayed for everyone to enjoy. The print credit allows you to choose whether you truly only want a digital image, or allows you to get beautifully printed images included with your session. You have full control over what you’d like to do with your credit. I am always happy to help with the ordering process in any way that I can.