I often get a lot of questions about what I allow people to do with the photographs they paid for. To clear the air, I’ve outlined a few of my policies below. By following these simple policies, my copyright is protected, and everyone is happy :).  If you think of something I haven’t addressed, please contact me.

Alterations: Any alterations made to your photos including cropping, changing colors, adding effects, or any other change is not allowed on my photos. I am always happy to work with you to make a photo black and white, or to give the photo an effect you desire.

Printing Rights: When you purchase the printing rights for any photos I’ve taken for you, I am granting you access to printing the photos wherever you’d like to print them. I give a signed print release to the purchaser of the photos. This printing right is granted only to the person who purchased it, and is not allowed to others. Please contact me if you need additional CD’s and print releases.

Social Media: I am very proud of the photos I take and edit, and am always happy when people want to share those pictures on social media sites. If you are going to post to social media, please follow these guidelines:

1. Make sure you have purchased the printing rights to the photo, or Lauren Everhard Photography has posted the photo for you to view and share.

2. On social media sites where Lauren Everhard Photography has a presence (Facebook, Instagram, Google+), please tag Lauren Everhard Photography.

3. Make sure you are not making any alterations to the photo per the Alterations policy. Instagram filters might be cool, but this counts as an alteration, so please do not use them.

4. If any of the above policies are not followed, Lauren Everhard Photography retains the right to request that the photos are removed from the site.